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Taboo Language in Spanish Subtitles
Taboo Language in Spanish Subtitles

We are often asked about how to deal with taboo or offensive language when preparing Spanish subtitles. The answer is, it depends…

German telephone interpreting service
Global Client Signs Up For German Telephone Interpreting Service

A huge welcome to the newest client to sign up to our German telephone interpreting service. Knockhundred passed the test in terms of security of data, GDPR, confidentiality and speed of connection. After the final handshake on the contract, our client was up and running ready to access German interpreters any time of day or night, 365 days of the year.

adding Spanish subtitles
Adding Spanish Subtitles – Understanding the Sensitivities

Why come to a professional subtitling company like Knockhundred? Because we understand the potential sensitivity of adding Spanish subtitles to footage where the language spoken is already in Spanish.

British Sign Language interpreting
British Sign Language Interpreting Star at Eurovision

Douze points for Eurovision British Sign Language Interpreting Star – we hope they invite wonderful British Sign Language interpreter, Adrian Bailey, back for the 2024 Eurovision song contest. If you didn’t see it last year, do take a look. It’s just fantastic.

Spanish subtitles
Spanish Subtitles Versus Slow Spanish as Learning Tool

The jury is out on how much viewing Spanish subtitles on video or film footage helps you learn a second language. We’ve been looking at Spanish in particular and back the idea of blending a number of approaches. Have you heard of Slow Spanish for example?

Spanish dialect
When Spanish dialect and variety matters for audiovisual linguists

Why might a Spanish dialect or “variety” of Spanish matter to a transcriber, an audiovisual translator or subtitler? It turns out that it matters quite a bit.

Welsh translation
Welsh Translation Error Leads Drivers to “Town Egg Gas”

A recent blunder on the roads of Monmouthshire left drivers scratching their heads as a Welsh translation error directed them to “town egg gas” instead of the intended destination, Monmouth.

audiovisual translation
Audiovisual Translation: ICFMAT 2024 Conference Invites Scholars

In an era where information warfare looms large and as Film-Studies, Media, and Audiovisual Translation continue to evolve, a crucial need arises for collective understanding and action. The International Conference on Film-Studies, Media, and Audiovisual Translation (ICFMAT 2024) stands as a beacon to academics, students, scholars, scientists, and engineers from across the globe to converge and exchange transformative ideas.

HWCC Members: Exclusive 10% Discount at Knockhundred

Based in the heart of Herefordshire, Knockhundred Translations isn’t your average translation agency. We’re all about championing local businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture globally. Our mission? To give businesses like yours the tools they need to thrive, no matter where they’re headed. So if you’re a HWCC member, step this way…

Hungarian subtitling
Hungarian Subtitling: Exploring the Cultural Preference for Dubbing

In the realm of cinema preferences, Hungary stands out for its enduring love affair with dubbed films. Despite the rise of subtitling in other European countries, Hungarians overwhelmingly prefer the comfort of hearing their native language resonate through the speakers.

Literary translators
Literary translators on World Book Day

Every year since 1998, children in full-time education in the UK and the Republic of Ireland are provided with vouchers to be spent on books. Depending on the household, parents spend weeks (or literally minutes!) working out how to send their child to school dressed as their favourite character. Not so difficult if it is Harry Potter. A wand – a stick, a cloak – a dyed sheet, round glasses – Amazon? But what if your child’s favourite character is Dave Pigeon?

the future of subtitling
The Future of Subtitling: Using Technology & Human Expertise

In an era of rapid technological advancement, the subtitling industry stands at a pivotal juncture, balancing the integration of artificial intelligence with the indispensable expertise of human captioners. While AI has revolutionised the transcription process, the irreplaceable role of human talent persists in capturing nuances and ensuring the precision of subtitles. We take a look at the future of subtitling.