Arabic subtitles and captions

by Knockhundred Admin
Arabic subtitles and captions

Lately we’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for Arabic subtitling from our corporate clients. We work with a number of international media companies, who regularly produce films which require subtitling.

The material we’re sent varies a huge amount. Sometimes this may be promotional videos, sometimes informative documentaries… the list goes on and on. We work with a small, skilled and vetted team of Arabic translators, who have the necessary language skills and technical expertise to produce either English subtitles from Arabic content, or indeed Arabic subtitles from English content!

Just this morning we received an urgent request to subtitle a short piece within a matter of hours. We were able to put everything in place and return the subtitled material well before close of business. We will always do our absolute best to accommodate any request, no matter how challenging.

If our client is happy, we’re happy!

Should you require our help with Arabic subtitles and captions do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help.