Fascinating world of English oral history transcription

by Knockhundred Admin
Fascinating world of English oral history transcription

When we asked our team of English typists and transcribers to describe their perfect subject matter for transcription, guess what they said? The answer was oral histories.

This even beat the 2000 hours of English transcription we undertook for the BBC which involved watching old episodes of Bullseye, the darts TV show, and endless Panorama episodes.

Oral history is the recording of people’s memories, experiences and opinions, essentially a living history of unique life experiences. The recordings can provide a rich source of new insights and perspectives for the historians of the future. Depending on the subject matter, our English transcriptionists find the accounts moving, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, enlightening, sometimes inspiring, never boring and always fascinating.

Because academics are interested in oral histories, we often end up providing English transcriptions aligned and time coded so that they are searchable online.

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