Indian Punjabi translation and interpreting service

by Knockhundred Admin

Requests for our Indian Punjabi translation service are continuously coming in, meaning we are always keeping our Indian Punjabi linguists very busy. As well as requests for translations of various documents by our clients, we also frequently have requests for our Indian Punjabi interpreting service which has consequently prompted us to do a bit of research!

According to a census taken in 2011, after Polish (1% of the population), Indian Punjabi is the most commonly spoken language in England and Wales with 273,000 people speaking it (0.5% of the population). Another amazing statistic from this census says that 6.2% of the population of Slough (just outside London), had Indian Punjabi as their main language.

It’s clear to see why our Indian Punjabi translation and interpreting service is so popular, and as a result of this, we are continually expanding our fully qualified and experienced team of Indian Punjabi translators and interpreters to accommodate for the increasing demand.

Should you require our Indian Punjabi translation and interpreting service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.