Subtitling Italian Cookery Programmes

by Knockhundred Admin
Subtitling Italian Cookery Programmes

Here at Knockhundred we love languages and we love delicious food. One of our most recent projects ticks both boxes! We’ve been working with an independent, UK-based film production company to create a documentary series on European cooking. Last year, the film crew were lucky enough to travel all over Italy, from Tuscany to Sicily, sampling delicious Italian dishes. It’s been fascinating to watch chefs in their homes, in cafés and restaurants, preparing traditional, mouth-watering delights. We’ve seen Risottos from Veneto, Spinach and Ricotto Ravioli from Tuscany, Pasta with Sardines from Sicily and Spicy Fish Stew from Marche!

Since the chefs often explained the various steps in Italian, we needed to produce subtitles for our UK viewers. Fortunately we have a team of experienced linguists who are experts at subtitling programmes. Our small team have worked around the clock to complete the whole series and we’re really pleased with the final product. Hopefully they’re not too hungry, after all that hard work!

Need help?

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