Translation of medical documents from Spanish to English

by Knockhundred Admin
Translation of medical documents from Spanish to English

The increase in the number of Brits leaving Spain has mirrored the increase in demand for our translation of medical documents from Spanish to English. According to the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, over the last 5 years there are fewer British people arriving in Spain with the intention of staying, than those leaving.

The Brexit decision certainly seems to have contributed to these statistics, but also the rise in the cost of living. Devaluation in the British pound has affected the value of ex-pat’s Spanish residents’ pensions and a change in Spanish law means that Brits living in Spain have to pay a contribution towards any medicine they might need. With the reality of Brexit looming, current residents are anxiously waiting to hear how their healthcare will be affected.

With so many British people leaving Spain, our Spanish to English translators have been in demand with requests to translate a wide variety of legal, financial and medical documents. For those who have been receiving medical treatment in Spain, their priority has been to ensure they have English translations of their Spanish medical records.

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