Working as a telephone interpreter

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Working as a telephone interpreter

How do we provide such an excellent telephone interpreting service? By only working with the best!

We are often approached by linguists wanting to become telephone interpreters and one of the first things we say is that simply being bilingual is not enough on its own.

Telephone interpreters need to be able to render the verbal messages accurately and quickly; be linguistically excellent; they must know how to manage the flow of the call without leading it; they must be knowledgeable about different cultures; telephone interpreters must choose their idioms and metaphors with sensitivity; they must remain impartial at all times; they must be familiar with industry-specific terms; they must be polite and patient. In other words, they have to be superhuman!

We also make our telephone interpreting service as easy to access and the costs as transparent as possible for our clients. We currently offer telephone interpreting in over 150 languages, any time of day or night, 365 days a year. We do not charge any sign-up fees or subscription charges. Unless the language has rare status, the costs are the same regardless of language. Costs start from as little as £1.50 + VAT per minute.

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If you would be interested in signing up to our telephone interpreting service, do please get in touch and one of our project managers will be happy to help.