Korean Translation and Interpreting

Knockhundred Translations offers professional Korean interpreting services and fully qualified Korean interpreters.

Knockhundred Translations offers many different types of interpreting in Korean in many different locations. Our qualified and vetted Korean interpreters each have their own area of specialisation. They are experienced in rendering the message clearly and accurately.

Knockhundred Translations provides translation and interpreting services in over 190 languages besides Korean. Click here for a full list of languages that we interpret and translate.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the Korean language here. Please refer to our client feedback page to learn more about the unbeatable Korean language service we offer.

Korean Translation

Knockhundred Translations offers professional Korean translation services and fully qualified Korean translators.

Our Korean translators only translate into their mother tongue. They also have specialist subject knowledge so they can combine linguistic skill with expertise in the subject area. This combination means translations are both technically accurate and culturally astute.


Our qualified and vetted Korean interpreters each have their own area of specialisation and are able to provide different forms of interpreting including:


Korean is the official language of both the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), which have a total combined population of around 73 million (50 million in the South and 23 million in the North). Korean is also spoken in large ethnic Korean communities in China, Japan, the USA and Central Asia.


관용은 미덕이다. 군자에 필요 불가결한 미덕이다
Tolerance is a virtue. For noble men, it is an essential and indispensable virtue
Yi Kwang-Su (Writer, 1892-1950).

Korean example video

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AND LASTLY, A Korean tongue twister

간장 공장 공장장은 장 공장장이고 된장 공장 공장장은 강 공장장이다
[Kanjang kongjang kongjang-jang-ǔn jang kongjang-jang-igo toenjang kongjang kongjang-jang-ǔn kang kongjang-jang-ida]
The factory manager of the soy sauce factory is factory manager Chang and the factory manager of the soybean paste factory is factory-manager Kang