Translation and Transcreation of Advertising, PR and Marketing Material in Somali

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Working together with our experienced and qualified translators, voiceover artists, interpreters, audiovisual translators, transcribers and subtitlers, we offer a wide range of language services.

Available in over 200 languages within the UK and beyond, our linguists can get you heard in any language of your choice. While we do not offer a walk-in service, we are only one phone call away from discussing your language requirements.

Qualified Somali Advertising, PR & Marketing translators

If you want your message to be understood in other countries and locales, you’re going to need translated content that is persuasive, engaging and on-brand across all your communication channels.

You’re also going to need to be aware that idioms fit for one country may not work so successfully in others.

Whom do we work with?

We work with a lot of creative marketing, advertising and events companies providing transcreated Somali language versions of social media campaigns, adverts, strap lines/end lines, tag lines, concepts, corporate documents, posters, brochures, slogans, online content, tv scripts and radio scripts. We are also very happy to work directly with corporate clients rather than via one of their agencies. Our task is to deliver the message irrespective of language and culture.

What do we do?

If required, our specialistSomali translators can provide a faithful translation of the original source copy. During this process, the linguists will of course take into account localisation and cultural factors to ensure the material is just as appropriate to its new audience as it was to its original audience.

Covering over 200 languages, our translators’ experience in this sector means you will be able to use marketing material that’s as effective in the target language as it is in the original language.

Transcreation is the creative adaption of copy in the target language, so the text will be completely re-written in a foreign language. We have a team of experienced Somali copywriters specialising in transcreation and adaption working in over 100 markets.

As part of the process, it will be important for us to understand your communication objectives as the meaning of the original message may change in the translated language version, but the persuasive effect must remain as forceful.

Unless otherwise instructed, all transcreations are reviewed by another Somali linguist and are back-translated. Any number of draft versions can be supplied for your feedback and comments until we get it just right.

Because some brand names and slogans have unexpected cultural connotations, we also have an experienced team of brand checking analysts. They can ensure your logo or slogan will not be misinterpreted.

The marketing world has turned its attention well and truly to video content.  The majority of our clients require their video content also to be localised to fit their regional markets.  We have a strong multilingual subtitling and voice over division here at Knockhundred so we can help you with this too.


How is the cost forSomali marketing translation and transcreation calculated?

  • The cost depends on the volume
  • Translation and back translation is calculated per source word of original content
  • Depending on the content, transcreation is often charged by the hour
  • Proofreading/revision is calculated by the hour

Get in touch with one of our lovely project managers and they would be very happy to discuss all the available options with you. Do also take a look at the security procedures and infrastructure we already have in place to protect your data.

While you’re here… some quite interesting facts about the Somali language.

Somali is an Afroasiatic language belonging to the Cushitic branch. It is spoken as a mother tongue by Somalis in Greater Somalia and the Somali diaspora. Somali is an official language of Somalia, Somaliland, a national language in Djibouti, and a working language in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. It is used as an adoptive language by a few neighbouring ethnic minority groups and individuals. The Somali language is written officially with the Latin alphabet.

Where is Somali most widely spoken?

Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Somali is a recognised minority language in Kenya.
Get in touch with one of our lovely project managers and they would be very happy to discuss all the available options with you.

Do also take a look at the security procedures and infrastructure we already have in place to protect your data.

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